Tohou Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm English Sub - Episode 13See All

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* Based on Team Shanghai Alice's Touhou Project. Marisa, an ordinary magician, suspects a youkai is behind the winterly weather in the middle of spring. She goes off to investigate and soon arrives in the netherworld, facing the youkai behind the strange incident. Will her friend, the shrine maiden Reimu, arrive in time to save the day or will all be lost? Note: A doujin anime initially sold at Comiket 80. The official releases of the anime have no voices, only music and sound effects, and the lines are delivered via subtitles instead. Voiced releases are fandubs.

Season: Summer 2011
Release date: August 12, 2011 to ?
Genre:Action, Fantasy, Game, Magic, Vampire
English name:Gensou Mangekyou: The Memories of Phantasm